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Support and well-being

As a trainee paediatrician, you may experience difficulties which affect your work and/or training. Whether you have health problems, family difficulties, workplace issues, doubts about career choice or lack of examination success you should not think you are alone.   

First points of contact:

Local department is usually the first place to seek advice and support. Staff may understand specific problems and be in a position to provide solutions.

  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Educational Supervisor
  • Training programme Director
  • Human resoucres
  • Occupational Health
  • Trainee Committee

Scotland Deanery

There is a range of support available from the deanery itself, at the Professional support pages (link)  but to highlight on aspect:

Professional Support Unit

There are levels of support offered and they have Trainee Support Coaches available to guide trainees through the process.  Feedback from trainees has been very positive as this group is experienced in many areas of difficulty, often has useful contacts and can help share the burden, whatever the cause. Trainees can self refer by emailling PSU@nes.scot.nhs.uk


RCPCH College Resources

Career support service | RCPCH Free RCPCH service which can provide personal career advice through a network of advisors

What happens when you stop? | RCPCH -  A worthwhile read.

Where to go for help and support for doctors’ wellbeing. A web page resource that points to a selection of general and profession specific resources for doctors experiencing problems in their personal or working life.

Wellbeing for health professionals. A web resource that provides original resources about health and wellbeing.

Survive and thrive in paediatrics. A web resource that provides original resources on career development for paediatricians at all stages of their career.

Picking your career path



Have a look at your sub-specialty training options


Have a look at your sub-specialty training posts and posts available through the UK


RCPCH guidance on LTFT, how to apply and advise for those who are already LTFT


Counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students (bma.org.uk). Membership not required.

GMC investigation support - Doctor support service (bma.org.uk)

BMA advice and support



  • Caring for doctors Caring for patients report
  • A new independent report commissioned by the GMC and published in 2019 into the wellbeing of doctors and medical students. It includes recommendations on how to transform UK healthcare environments to support doctors and medical students to care for patients.
  • Support for doctors
  • A web page resource that points to a selection of general and profession specific resources for doctors experiencing problems in their personal or working life.

Mental Health Support including counselling and psychotherapy

  • Welcome to DocHealth | DocHealth
  • self-referral service available to all doctors, UK wide, and aims to provide confidential, specialist-led support for those suffering with stress-related depression or anxiety. Fees are based on a sliding scale relating to the grade and circumstances of the doctor.

Financial support

  • Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
  • Provides financial support and advice for doctors, medical students and their families when needed due to age, injury, ill health, disability and bereavement
    Tel: 020 8540 9194 Email: info@rmbf.org
  • BMA Charities
  • The BMA Charities are two charities (the BMA Charities Trust Fund and the Dain Fund) which help all doctors, and their dependents, and medical students in times of financial crisis.
    Tel: 07483 115411 Email: info@bmacharities.org.uk
  • The Cameron Fund
  • The Cameron Fund solely supports general practitioners and their dependents. It provides support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, disability, death or loss of employment. Helping those who are already suffering from financial hardship and those who are facing it.
    Tel: 020 7388 0796 Email: info@cameronfund.org.uk

Resilience resources

Resilience | Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (fmlm.ac.uk)

How to build resilience and boost wellbeing - YouTube

Mindfulness / Meditation

https://www.innerspace.org.uk/  - Provide Mediation / mindfulness sessions

Headspace for the NHS - Mindfulness and Sleep resources -  free for NHS


Useful tips to aid sleep | Association of Anaesthetists

Sleep, breaks and wellbeing for health professionals | RCPCH

Calm - The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep

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