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Paediatric Award For Training Achievements - PAFTAs

 have been hosting our local Paediatric Award For Training Achievements (PAFTAs) in the North since 2018 and try to mark the occasion with a little quiz or bake off!


Senior trainee: Dr James Stewart (pictured receiving his award from Dr Shyla Kishore, TPD)
Junior trainee: Dr Claire McFaul (Scotland-wide winner) (pictured receiving her award from Hazel Whyte, RACH Unit Operational Manager)


  • Junior trainee: Dr Zoe Jacob
  • Senior trainee: Dr Sarah Jarvis
  • Educational supervisor: Dr Elma Stephen 


  • Junior trainee: Dr Carla Visocchi
  • Senior trainee: Dr Sylvia Tran
  • Educational supervisor: Dr Vijender Kistareddy  


  • Junior trainee: Dr Kat (Katarzyna) Lucka
  • Senior trainee: Dr Matthew Stevenson
  • Educational supervisor: Dr Stuart Henderson



  • Junior trainee: Dr Elspeth Baird 
  • Senior trainee: Dr Stewart Cox 
  • Educational supervisor: Dr Mustafa Osman 
  • Star award: SN Helen Morgan 

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