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North wellbeing resources

An important and difficult part of training is learning to look after ourselves and find balance in what can be a difficult and stressful job. This has been especially challenging over the past year. Below are useful contacts related to the North Deanery and useful links.

There is also a number of supportive resources available here: Support and Wellbeing.

Who can I approach for advice or support?

Deanery contacts

  • College Tutor - Dr Vijender Kistareddy
  • Training Programme Director - Dr Shyla Kishore
  • Responsible Associate - GP Director - Dr Helen Freeman
  • Postgraduate Dean - Dr Alan Dennison


  • Officer for Scotland- Dr. Mairi Stark
  • LTFT Training Advisor - Dr David Cordiner

See RCPCH website for support for trainees returning from maternity leave / OOPE

Departmental Clinical Leads

  • Raigmore Hospital, Inverness - Dr Salim Ghayyda
  • Neonatal unit, Aberdeen - Dr Saulius Satas
  • RACH, Aberdeen - Dr Cat Middleton



Buddy system

We currently have a buddy system in place for all trainees, including those nearing the end of training who would like a consultant buddy. Please contact Dr Eilidh Clark on eilidh.clark2@nhs.scot for more information.

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