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RCPCH Updates

Here’s a summary of recent updates from the RCPCH. Apologies for the lengthy email. The main focus is Kaizen, which has been changing recently as Progress+ beds in.  

  1. Kaizen 
  2. Progress+ 
  3. ST1 applications 
  4. The RCPCH ‘big 5’ 
  1. Kaizen
    1. Your dashboard has changed!  

(Lots of times recently in fact). There are now a lot of links and some are actually really helpful. Nothing is lost, just takes a bit of getting used to. The dashboard is a work in progress and the college is welcoming feedback – training.services@rcpch.ac.uk

We have now all transitioned to Progress + 

The college has done a lot of work pulling through tags from the old curriculum (i.e. level 1/2/3) to the new curriculum (core, specialty etc.). Frustratingly, there have been some issues with pulling through retrospective links – see document attached. 

Overall, your number of tags on the new curriculum should be similar to the old curriculum. You can access your old curriculum for comparison if you wish under Timeline > Curricula objectives and SPIN but there is no point in linking to the old curriculum now  

Old links or tags to learning outcomes or domains might not have pulled through (but your important 'key capability' tags should have). We always need to tag the specific key capability 

Any issues email training.services@rcpch.ac.uk 

The college wants us to focus on quality of tags (rather than quantity) 

Checklists have appeared intermittently on Kaizen 

These are a guide for us, not for ARCP panels 

Better to focus on the assessment guide and your curriculum coverage (Dashboard > Evidence Report and Curriculum Coverage)   

 2. Progress+

    1. Assessment guide

This has now been updated for 2023/2024 and is available here: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/assessment-guide 

                   Overwhelmed by confusing forms? 

And a narrative on the readiness for tier 2 form: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/news-events/news/four-weeks-to-go-until-progress-plus 

More information here: ePortfolio Tags

Currently ST4 or ST5(c4)

The college have produced some guidance on what is expected for this transition cohort this year. See attached. The idea is that ARCP panels should be taking a sensible approach but there will probably be some work needed before your ARCP.

More information here: ST4 or 5 Guidance


Mandatory DOPS

These have changed slightly on the core syllabus, it’s worth looking at them 

The DOPS on IO access should ideally real-life example, but this might be tricky. If you’re struggling consider a simulation, possibly via EPALS or APLS if your instructor agrees (can be retrospective)


Key capabilities 

Some of the new ones are a little challenging! 

In core curriculum, the research domain includes ‘maintains good clinical practice (GCP) throughout training.’ We can consider an NIHR course (https://www.nihr.ac.uk/health-and-care-professionals/training/good-clinical-practice.htm) or a ‘reflection on maintaining the principles;’  

In the specialty curriculum, the capability on ‘leads the process … of an epidemic’ is being reworded to ‘shows involvement in ….’ – should be a little more achievable hopefully 


New MSF form 

Due to launch on 4th December. A welcome update – it’s apparently streamlined and slicker than the old form  

New educational supervisor report

This has launched with one main headline change: trainees are asked to showcase their evidence to their educational supervisor. The logic is that it puts the trainee back in control of the evidence they want to demonstrate to supervisors, and by extension ARCP panels or specialty committees. It also removes the expectation of a supervisor to have to check through high numbers of tags (though they still have the ability should they wish)

CSAC progression form

This is due to be adjusted soon – some changes in how data is presented

       3.ST1 applications

    1. There is lots of info on the RCPCH website if you’re supporting anyone who’s applying  https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/education-careers/choose-paediatrics 

The college are reintroducing maximum experience limits for ST1 entry. This is in response to paeds becoming more competitive lately


  1. The 'Big 5'
    1. Includes an anti-bullying update, info on START, support if you’re struggling with exams, the Trainee Research Network and Capability Based Progression (see attached) 

And that’s the lot! As ever with any major portfolio or curriculum issues, please email training.services@rcpch.ac.uk or get in touch with me directly (lindsey.mcvey2@nhs.scot). 

More information here: The Big Five

 Best wishes, 


Dr Lindsey McVey

ST4 Paediatrics | West of Scotland


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