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Pre CCT Trainers Workshops


Pre CCT Trainers workshop

In 2016 the GMC mandated that doctors who train doctors in secondary care, in the capacity of educational supervisor and/or clinical supervisors evidence that they have been trained to do so and are keeping up to date thereafter. The process is described as Recognition of Trainers and is assessed through consultant appraisal.

Many trainees have met trainers who have had a very positive impact on their learning and development and therefore often want to train others as soon as they are consultants. Others have ideas for how to improve training and similarly want to become involved.

To be a recognised trainer at the outset the following are required

  1. Evidence having had some training as a trainer for the ES and or CS role
  2. Completed Equality and Diversity training
  3. Have time in the consultant job plan

In order to facilitate this for those trainees who wish to be ‘trainer ready’ at the time of gaining CCT NES has developed a course. This is called Pre CCT Trainers Workshop and is delivered by the Faculty Development Alliance – FDA, a branch of NES

More information here: Pre-CCT trainer workshop (nhs.scot)

Places can be booked via the Portal by visiting  www.portal.scot.nhs.uk and searching for FDA Pre-CCT Trainer Workshop

The FDA team can be contacted on FDA.Admin@nes.scot.nhs.uk

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