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Doctoral research funded in Phase 1 of SMERC (Smithies; Dundee) explores the lived experiences of Foundation Programme (FP) doctors through the FP transitions and aims to establish the relationships between those experiences and the support they receive.

This is complemented by Phase 2 work (Led by Laidlaw, St Andrews) which explores burnout and health behaviours in medical undergraduate students. 

Mavor and Laidlaw, St Andrews, working with the University of Dundee and two Australian institutions, are currently examining the relationship between stressors and professional identity.  This project has practical implications for organisational interventions to reduce stressors that have negative implications, and reinforcing the role of positive strategies for well-being. 

Finally, in collaboration with colleagues from the USA, the Netherlands and Australia, Gates, Waiter and Jamieson (Aberdeen, Glasgow) are using fMRI to understand the impact of sleep quality on clinical reasoning and quality of life.  This exciting research has the potential to lead to interventions to mitigate burnout and medical error.

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