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Dr Anita Laidlaw

SMERC Member

Telephone: 01334 463561

Email: ahl1@st-andrews.ac.uk


Anita Laidlaw has been a member of the Medical Education Research Executive component of SMERC since it formed in Sep 2011. She is a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Medical School, University of St Andrews where she is Convenor of the Clincial Communication strand within the BSc Medicine programme.

She is also controller of a Module for an MSc Health Psychology (Stage 1 training for Chartered Health Psychologist) and Co-Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research, also at the University of St Andrews. She has developed two programmes of research in healthcare education: psychological factors influencing clinical communication; and student psychological well being and is interested in designing and testing interventions or training which assist individuals within both areas.

Research interests:

  • Psychological well being
  • Interventions to promote resilience
  • Development of burnout
  • Attitudes towards psychological wellbeing and psychological wellbeing difficulties
  • Healthcare communication
  • Clinical communication training
  • Inter-professional communication
  • Identification of individuals with poorly performing clinical communication
  • Interventions for individual with poorly performing clinical communication