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The first PhD funded by SMERC (Gordon; Dundee and now St Andrews) looked at how medical trainee experience leadership processes. Her work has led to better understandings of leadership and followership in primary and secondary care, revealing that many factors influence developing leader identities.  This work aligns with the Medical Directorate’s investment in Clinical Leadership Fellows in collaboration with Scottish Government and with the redevelopment of the Leadership and Management Programme for doctors in training (LaMP).

The first SMERC-funded doctoral student to submit to completion successfully, Dr Gordon then worked as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow for SMERC, explore the transition experiences of higher-stage medical trainees to fully-trained status.  With support from a grant from the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and working with colleagues from across Scotland, the Netherlands and Canada, she extended this work to look at the influence of context in transitions. 

Fahey-Palma (Aberdeen) is examining multi-disciplinary cancer team communication and effectiveness using inter-disciplinary expertise and approaches from language and linguistics. 

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