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A number of FAQs from SMERC are listed below.

    Anyone employed at any of the six SMERC collaborating institutions (NES, Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews) will be eligible to apply for these grants.  Applications must involve a minimum of two SMERC collaborating institutions and projects aligned with one or more of the NES Strategic themes above will be eligible for funding. 

    We also welcome applications representing broader collaborations across Scotland e.g., SMERC institutions working in partnership with other agencies or organizations with an interest in researching medical education and training.

    Our funding aims to support the over-arching goals of SMERC: to produce internationally excellent healthcare education research that has local, national and international impact.

    SMERC funding opportunities are advertised on the webpages, and cascaded around the six partner institutions and other Scottish networks (e.g., the Clinical Skills Managed Clinical Network [CSMEN], the Scottish Medical Deans Executive Group).

    At least three independent assessors review applications.  Assessors are selected on the basis of their topic knowledge and/or methodological expertise.  At least one assessor per submission will be international.  Assessors complete structured assessment criteria for each project, and all applicants receive full feedback on their applications.

    All grant-holders must provide interim (6 monthly) and a final report.

    The final report must include an Executive Summary and Impact statement.  These will be published on the SMERC website.

    Guidance is provided for preparing final reports and their accompanying financial statement.