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PHASE 1 of SMERC (Sep 2011 – Aug 2014) supported a number of educational research projects aligned with the NES educational research priorities.  This included identifying key priority areas for Scottish medical education research. Second, all Medical Schools in Scotland agreed to get involved in a SMERC Consortium and signed a Consortium Agreement.

PHASE 2 of SMERC (Sep 2014 – Aug 2017) focused on conducting high-quality and impactful research on five work streams identified in the earlier priority setting exercise.  

PHASE 2 of SMERC also involved an open call for research proposals from the partner institutions and external collaborators.  The outcome of this process was that SMERC funded two PhD studentships, one large grant and 12 “stand-alone” projects.

PHASE 3 SMERC funding available.

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