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General Practice - Recovery

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Consolidated Guidance for Practices


In the past year general practice teams have risen to the challenge of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting services to meet patient demand and developing innovative ways of working. This has required clear leadership, determination and flexibility.


Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design, published in May 2020, set out the Scottish Government’s plans to restart as many aspects of our NHS services as possible. It set out that restoring normal services should mean capitalising on the gains we have made in new ways of working, prioritisation and collaboration, with the roll-out of new techniques, technology and clinically safe but faster pathways to care for patients.


We undoubtedly face significant challenges going forward. To step up to meet these challenges, we must look to the achievements and successes of those working in general practice during this challenging period and to celebrate areas of innovation and good practice to meet the needs of the public (patients) and practice teams.


This document brings together (and signposts to) current guidance to ensure that good practice is shared, and questions answered so that the way forward becomes clearer and general practice is supported to continue to deliver the high level of care it has always provided, but in a different way.



General Practice - Recovery Consolidated Guidance for Practices 2021 - Version 4 

Appendix A – ALLIANCE Primary Care Report

Appendix B - Scottish Government Driver Diagram

Appendix C- Changes to Physical Distancing Guidance

Appendix D - Respiratory Pathway Guidance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Additional Resources

Appendix E – What is TURAS learn 

Appendix F - Kind to Remind: Health Care Workers Toolkit

Appendix G Care Navigation - example from Kirriemuir Medical Practice

Appendix H Scottish Government Care Navigation in Primary Care

Appendix I  - Pulse Huddle Article

Appendix J - Teamwork & Communication

Appendix K - Huddle Checklist

Appendix L - Dr Miles Mack: Thoughts on a Huddle

Appendix M – Example of Telephone, Video and Face to Face 



Access Toolkit - Version 2


Long Term Condition Management Resources


Business Continuity & Mitigating the Risks of Covid-19  (Version 3a)


Early Interventions to boost wellness in all Primary Care Teams








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