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Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CS MEN)

The NES Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CS MEN) was established in 2007 to support excellence in clinical skills education, enhancing Scotland's international reputation as a leader in multi-professional education.

The focus has been on improving patient safety and clinical outcomes by supporting multi-professional access to high quality skills training and clinical simulation across all geographical areas of Scotland.

CS MEN is committed to supporting consistent quality standards for clinical skills through a skills training audit process and the development and application of a research evidence base on clinical skills and simulation education.

CS MEN is an integral part of the Clinical Skills Strategy for Scotland and:

  • develops and updates online educational resources;
  • has built a national network of healthcare educators and practitioners;
  • funds research and development in clinical skills education; and,
  • manages and deploys a mobile skills unit (MSU) which provides state of the art simulation facilities for remote and rural healthcare practitioners.

For further information, please visit the CS MEN website.

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