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The Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty (SAS) Doctors and Dentists Development Programme was established in 2012 as a result of Scottish Government funding to develop SAS doctors and dentists working in NHS Scotland. Funding was initially on a three-year project basis but has now been added to NES’s baseline funding.

There are approximately 1250 SAS grade doctors and dentists working in NHS Scotland. They make up about 25% of the senior medical workforce.

The programme aims to direct national funding to those SAS doctors and dentists whose clinical teams are seeking to develop new or improved clinical services, or to enhance their role within the clinical team, and where funding is not otherwise provided by the employing Health Board. If approved, funding is available to support costs for training, salary backfill, or completion of training to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR). In addition, funding has enabled the creation of a national network of Education Advisers (who are themselves SAS doctors or dentists) to support local SAS doctors and dentists, and to guide them (and their employing Health Boards) to make best use of this funding opportunity.

You can find further information on the SAS Development Programme in these useful documents: 

The Specialty Doctor contract in 2008 recognised the need for time for appraisal and CPD, and all Specialty contracts should have at least one session of Supporting Professional Activity (SPA) per week to allow time for this.

The GMC has produced CPD guidance for all doctors, emphasising the importance of planning for career progression, patient safety and revalidation.

The BMA has produced a charter for Scottish SAS, produced in conjunction with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, formally outlining the rights and responsibilities of SAS doctors and dentists. They also have a webpage on SAS payscales in Scotland.

*Podcast from Bernie Scott shared March 2022 with update on negotiations: https://bmascotland.home.blog/2022/03/23/update-on-contract-negotiations/

  Dr Lynne Meekison is Associate Postgraduate Dean and Operational Lead for the SAS Programme

Contact: Lynne.Meekison@nhs.scot


 SAS Managed Educational Network

SAS Education Advisers & Programme team, September 2019

Please find below a list of our SAS Education Advisers by health board region.

Please contact SASDevelopment@nes.scot.nhs.uk if you cannot reach your EA.

Health Board Region

Education Adviser



 NHS Ayrshire & Arran

 Dr Eilidh MacDonald





 NHS Borders

 Dr Pinky Yadav



 NHS Dumfries & Galloway

 Dr Shona Donaldson



 NHS Fife

 Dr Gemma Falconer



 NHS Forth Valley

 Ms Jane Shearer



 NHS Grampian, Orkney & Shetland

 Dr Graham Wilson



 NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

 Dr Linda Stephen



 NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde & Golden Jubilee

 Dr Morag Gorrie



 NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

 Dr Mun Woo



 NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

 Dr Jane Wilkinson



 NHS Highland & Western Isles

 Dr Kirsteen Wintour



 NHS Lanarkshire & State Hospital

 Dr Patricia Townsley



 NHS Lothian & NSS

 Dr Lynne Meekison



 NHS Tayside

 Dr Vinita Shekar



Who can I contact for more information?

Philip Smith, Senior SAS Programme Officer

 Rozanne Suarez, Senior SAS Programme Officer

NHS Education for Scotland
1st Floor, 102 West Port
Edinburgh, EH3 9DN

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NHS Education for Scotland
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