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Contracts and Job Planning for SAS


BMA SAS members have voted in support of a new SAS contract for Scotland, as negotiated by the BMA. The local LNC (local negotiating committee) and BMA team will be working with the board to take this forward - here are the links for the information which is available to date, as well as the recording of the webinar about the new contract:

Details of the new contracts, with example contracts and salary scales are all available at: Specialty Doctors & Specialist Doctors | MSG (scot.nhs.uk)

BMA also has information at their webpage New Scottish SAS contracts (bma.org.uk). If you are a BMA member, you can contact BMA for further guidance.

Job Planning & Extending Your Role

For those interested in NES roles, all new NES vacancies are published on the NHS Scotland national recruitment system, Jobtrain. Click here to view and apply. Please note that this site covers all internal & external NHS Scotland vacancies; using the lefthand menu, you can filter the entries to 'Medical & Dental' to see relevant roles. Some generic roles within NES (such as Associate Postgraduate Dean) are available to SAS grades.

Job Planning Resources

Please find below links for advice on job planning:

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