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Train the Endoscopy Trainers Course

Dr Emma Louise Metcalfe, Specialty Doctor Gastroenterology, NHS Grampian SAS Project supported: Training the Endoscopy Trainer Course

I work as a Specialty Doctor in Gastroenterology. I provide independent service endoscopy and colonoscopy lists on a weekly basis with training of registrars as required. 

I recognised that in order to maintain and continue to improve the quality of endoscopy training and increase capacity for training at a local level, and in order to acquire formal training lists in the future, there was a need for me to undertake a formally accredited training course.

Supported by the SAS Development Fund, I attended a 2 day course at a JAG-accredited Training Centre at St George’s Hospital in London.  The course is intense, interactive and practical. It focuses on the development of a framework for effective teaching, an awareness of the need for conscious competence in both the performance and teaching of endoscopy, an understanding of the need to align both trainees and trainers agendas, and also the benefit of identifying specific personal learning objectives. It includes a series of small group workshops, seminars, individual presentations with feedback on performance and hands-on model work.

As a result of having attended this course, I am now able to do the following:
• Take on a specialist educational role in the training of endoscopy techniques to other doctors, specialty trainees and nurse practitioners
• Play a crucial and integral part in improving endoscopy standards and ensuring safe delivery of this service to patients

All of above is contributing towards developing and improving services in NHS Grampian and supporting better patient care.

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