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DEXA Scanning and Reporting

Dr Ahmed Turki, Specialty Doctor Orthogeriatrics, NHS Forth Valley SAS Project supported: DEXA Scanning and Reporting Course

I work as a Specialty Doctor at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, within the department of Ageing and Health, providing acute medical care for patients over the age of 65 admitted to the Trauma & Orthopaedic ward. My role involves assessment for osteoporosis and prescribing bone protection treatment.

Some time ago, I noticed that there was no provision for DEXA scanning and reporting, or appropriately trained clinicians in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, and this is crucial in being able to treat patients being investigated for osteoporosis. I recognised how beneficial this service would be, as a significant number of patients presenting with low trauma fracture will have osteoporosis, and through early detection, diagnosis and treatment, will help to prevent further fractures and increase quality of life.

Supported by the SAS Development Fund, I commenced a 36 week DEXA scanning course through the University of Derby. The course consisted of developing and enhancing my practice as part of a multi-professional strategy, utilising a systematic approach to reporting BMD and VFA results from DEXA scans, reviewing both technical aspects of bone densitometry assessment and patient management in relation to national guidance. After having completed the course, I am now developing a reflective portfolio of 100 cases, which will be supervised and signed off by an independent mentor.

As a result of attending this course, I am working towards:-
• Achieving fully independent practice in DEXA scanning and reporting
• Contributing towards better patient care through increased management of osteoporosis by being able to interpret DEXA scans and recommend appropriate treatment and care plans
• Preparing local guidelines for the treatment of osteoporosis in patients admitted with fragility fractures
• Introducing a new specialised osteoporosis clinic in Forth Valley Royal Hospital

All of above is contributing towards developing and improving orthogeriatric patient care and services in NHS Forth Valley.

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