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CESR for SAS Grades


At some stage in your SAS career, you might wish to consider applying for CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for the Specialist Register) through the GMC.

The first port of call should be the GMC website to download a copy of the Divider Pack and your Specialty Specific Guidelines for CESR (SSG) which will give you an indication of what equivalent experience you are required to evidence in your CESR application.


It would be helpful to access and retain a copy of the relevant and up to date Curriculum document for your specialty area, as this will clearly detail the range and breadth of competencies you will be expected to achieve or provide evidence of equivalence for. 

Your relevant specialty Royal College should be able to provide you with specialty specific Curriculum/CESR related advice and guidance. Many Royal Colleges have an appointed person/team who are involved in the CESR process.


GMC-led CESR Workshops for SAS Doctors

The SAS Development programme periodically arranged GMC-led CESR workshops, free to attend for Scottish SAS. Representatives from the GMC will be available in person to explain the application process and ask specific questions from delegates. The next workshops are expected to run in late 2019 - details and links for booking will appear on the training calendar page when confirmed.

Please find below a copy of the presentation used by the GMC at CESR workshops, and a copy of a generic CESR application, which can be used as an example.

GMC CESR presentation (last updated May 2019)

GMC CESR application sample

The GMC have implemented some important changes to the CESR application process, primarily:

  • Evidence can now be filed online through the GMC website over a 12 month period, prior to submitting your application
  • In most cases, letters and documents submitted as evidence should be verified by GMC-provided pro-forma forms signed by a medical supervisor from your work/training location, rather than be stamped and signed on every page (check this page for full requirements for each type of evidence)

Click here to see the latest updates on the CESR application process, as of November 2018.

Please email SASDevelopment@nes.scot.nhs.uk to enquire about and register interest in future CESR workshops.


How the SAS Programme can help to support your CESR Application

If you've been unable to obtain specialty specific CESR advice from your Royal College, the SAS Programme will be able to refer you to a Training Programme Director or Regional Adviser in your specialty area, through its Deanery network.

Our managed educational network of SAS Educational Advisers in each of the health board regions have received some training on the CESR process from the GMC, and will be able to signpost you in the correct direction.

As a result of being unsuccessful in a previous CESR application or whilst you are preparing a CESR application for submission, it may be necessary for you to undertake a period of additional top up training, in order to meet any gaps in the competencies required of the Curriculum you are following.

The SAS Programme has, to date, already supported a number of SAS Doctors across Scotland in their quest to achieve CESR by providing current salary backfill funding so that they can receive the additional training they require, to further support their CESR application. Some of the applicants the SAS fund has supported have now had their CESR application approved.

In order to be considered for SAS funding for CESR purposes, you will have to apply to the SAS Development Fund providing full details.

SAS Development Fund Application Process

E-Portfolio access by Specialty Information

E-Portfolio access for SAS


Further CESR related Support

Leadership Development Passport

The Leadership development passport has been developed to aid trainees in generating and recording their leadership experience.

The aim of the passport is to provide a framework within which doctors can add their experience and reflections. This will help demonstrate leadership development for job interviews and ARCPs, while also showing the wide range of options available to trainees who wish to develop their leadership skills.

GMC Contacts

The team of advisers at the GMC are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in the CESR process, and are happy to take email-based enquiries from SAS Doctors. Please email equivalence@gmc-uk.org.

SAS Programme Contact

If you have any further questions with respect to the SAS CESR process and the SAS Development Fund, please email SASDevelopment@nes.scot.nhs.uk.