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Quick skills to try

Sometimes a small action is enough to reduce immediate feelings of stress. These are few suggestions others have found helpful.

In the moment of stress:

  • Walking away, even for a few minutes, from a stressful situation (when safe to do so) can give your mind a little breathing space
  • Try using 4×4 breathing. Deeply inhale for 4 seconds, followed by a deep exhale of 4 seconds. Breathing this way for about one minute can reduce anxiety levels, heart rate and help you regain a sense of place and calm. 
  • Communicate your feelings – respectfully – after some reflection. This can prevent feelings of resentment building.

Take time in the day to speak to people you value. Have you made time for a cup of tea with work colleague? Have you spoken with your partner or children, or replied to a text a friend sent? By spending a few minutes focussing on the people who are important to you, reminds yourself that you aren’t alone and opens the door for further support.


Being grateful is known to have a beneficial effect on stress levels, and is the thinking behind strategies such as ‘3 good things’. Simple actions of positive reflection can help foster positive thinking.

  • Take time each day to think of 3 things that are good in life
  • Consider kindness:
    • What act of kindness have you appreciated?
    • What act of kindness have you done?
    • Have you been kind to yourself?

Setting a small goal can refocus your mind away from negative areas of your life and achieve positive changes. Self-care goals can be ‘quick wins’. This might be getting a ten-minute walk, delegating something to someone else, or making time to reflect.

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