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Time management 

Medicine is busy and the volume of tasks can be overwhelming. So many responsibilities and duties need your time and attention, and you may feel yourself pulled in different directions.

In the first few years of training, this may well be related to day-to-day clinical work such as ward rounds and handover, but very soon it may involve projects, exam preparation or committee work. As you become more senior you may also have a team to manage.

This can feel chaotic and stressful, so the need for you to take back control of your working day is essential.  

Modern technology can help you organise your time but can itself sometimes lead to stress. Learning to manage your time is an additional skill to aid your resilience and ensure you can maximise the opportunities you wish to take.

Remember, you are not alone.

Ask for help, and delegate where you can. If you are struggling, let your colleagues or immediate supervisors know. This is not a sign of weakness but of team working. Try and suggest who or what might help you to become part of the solution.

This may involve asking a colleague to take some of the days tasks or cover a clinical area you can’t get to currently. It may mean passing your bleep so you can get lunch. It may mean a rethink of priorities at home. Use the people around you to support you through busier periods of life.

Phoning or speaking in person where possible can often resolve or clarify issues quicker than waiting for emails



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