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Simulation Strategy

This overview gives a quick guide to potential simulation training activity as per the stages of the curriculum. Local training is defined as that delivered in the department that the trainee is currently attached to. Regional is within the East, West, South East or North region at a suitable simulation hub, and centrally is simulation delivered at one central location (although this could be rotated to different regions, year on year). A degree of flexibility will be required to balance the impact of travel on the disruption to departments and trainees, and the efficiency of running courses with a reasonable number of participants.

Decisions on location of training are based on a number of factors, including availability of resources, cost effectiveness and educational impact. Regarding educational impact, it was felt that early on in the training, trainees would benefit more from local and regional simulation activity to minimise variations in equipment and practice.

It may take some time, and there will likely be some changes and discussions before we agree and enable every trainee to attend all these simulation activities during their training. We have prioritised four key areas based on a needs assessment, but that does not mean that work in any of the other areas (or indeed some outwith these core activities) can not be shared, developed, piloted and start the work of seeking funding and practical arrangements that are required to deliver these across Scotland in a sustainable manor.


View the full Simulation Strategy here.

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