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Intensive Care Medicine Simulation Training

The NES simulation strategy for Intensive Care Medicine aims to complement current local and regional training by provide all national ICM trainees a simulation training programme aimed at meeting they curriculum needs throughout their training progression.

There are 4 courses that should be completed between ST3 and CCT. The timing and order that each course can be chosen by each trainee based on their specific needs and training pathway.–

Transfer training simulation

This course offers an opportunity to perform safe patient transfer in a simulated environment.

Organ donation simulation course

A one-day course which provides opportunity to preform withdrawal of life sustaining therapy prior to DCD, brainstem death testing and challenging communications with families prior to donation.

Paediatric Emergency Management and Stabilisation for Intensive Care medicine trainees – PEMSIT course

A one-day course which provides opportunity to train with experts in paediatric care and transfer to prepare the trainee for managing paediatric patients in an adult hospital.

Cardiothoracics ICM simulation course

This one-day course prepares the trainee for working within a cardiothoracic ICU as well as gaining familiarity with specific techniques that may be uses within general ICUs in specific circumstances. It explores bronchial blockers, double lumen tubes, cardiac output monitoring and deterioration after cardiac surgery.

Trainees should consider when in their training journey these courses would be most beneficial to them and book via Turas page.


Book courses online via the Turas Learn Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Simulation Training pages for trainees in Scotland.

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