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Scotland Deanery Quality Management-Quality Improvement Framework


Our Quality Management-Quality Improvement (QM-QI) Framework is how the Deanery’s quality workstream delivers the quality management of postgraduate medical education and training in Scotland against the standards[1] set by the General Medical Council (GMC). It is also how we improve the quality of training that is provided by local education providers (LEPs). Our role in quality managing postgraduate medical education and training is a statutory requirement and is a key component of the GMC’s Quality Assurance Framework

We work with the Medical Schools that are required to quality manage undergraduate medical education and training. This is beneficial as undergraduate and postgraduate training are often provided in the same training environments. We work collaboratively with Scotland’s Health Boards whose LEPs deliver postgraduate medical education and training on behalf of the Deanery. The health boards are expected to quality control the education and training their LEPs provide.





[1] Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training

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