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Resources for Practice Managers


Menu for Learning - This  Learning Needs analysis developed for trainees on the Practice Managers Vocational Training Scheme will help to determine the gap between existing skills, knowledge, and abilities and help you to identify Learning Objectives and set Goals.


PMVTS Leadership and Management Framework - This framework is based on the Scottish Leadership and Management Development framework developed for Health and Social Care.


GPN CPD Presentation - A short 7-minute video about CPD for General Practice Nurses working in General Practice.  The video looks at recently developed elearning modules and explains the role of the Practice Assessor


PM Induction PackLeaving your role as a Practice Manager can be a stressful time. There is so much information to try and handover to the new recruit and it is easy to become overwhelmed. It can help to have an induction pack to work your way through to make the process as painless as possible whilst also ensuring that you are covering the most important areas. We have created the Practice Manager Induction pack to help you with this process. Please amend it to suit yourself and your practice.





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