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NES General Practice Nursing learning and development is organised within a national coordinated network.


General Practice Nurse education in Scotland – now and in the future

GPN Funding available now

Education and development opportunities for nurses working in General Practice teams:  https://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/our-work/general-practice-nursing-gpn/

What is the NES GPN Co-ordinated Network?

The main purpose of the NES GPN Co-ordinated network is to advance general practice nursing in Scotland by providing information on access to quality, accessible and locally relevant information, support, education and representation for general practice nursing. Access to education supporting key national priorities will be given precedence.

General Practice Nursing is sometimes described as a fragmented workforce, and can feel isolating. The network seeks to bring learning and development advice and support where it is needed. 

The GPN Learning and Development Network is supported by a team of GPN Education Academic Assessors and Clinical Facilitators.

Short courses are available on the CPD Connect GPN page.

Enquiries can be made to cpdconnect@nes.scot.nhs.uk


NES General Practice Nursing Documents

NES published Cervical Screening Education Standards 2021 which are important for general practice nurses undertaking cervical screening. 

If you are interested in peer appraisal can you please contact MPN for more information.

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