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General Practitioners

GP Trainers are already approved by the GMC and a robust approvals process is in place for this group. Anyone wishing to apply to become an approved GP trainer should complete the GP Educational Supervisor Accreditation application form (see below). Information about training for approved GP Trainers is available through the NES Faculty Development Alliance. If you require further information about GP approval, please contact the GP Training Programme administrator or GP Training Programme Director in your region.

If you are a GP acting as a clinical supervisor for secondary-care trainees and you are not already an approved GP trainer, you will need to meet the recognition criteria for secondary-care trainers by July 2016. Approved GP trainers are exempt from this requirement.

From July 2016 onwards, all recognised or approved trainers, including approved GP trainers, will be required to provide evidence of development mapped to the GMC's seven framework areas in order to maintain their recognised or approved status. GP trainers may therefore find the STF helpful as a tool to plan their development.



Region                                  Contact                                                Email address                                                                             Tel Number                     
 South East, North, East East Visits  eastgpvisits@nes.scot.nhs.uk  
 West West Visits  westgp.Visits@nes.scot.nhs.uk  


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