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Welcome to Scotland Deanery. We have prepared 2 videos which we hope gives you a flavour of the deanery work.  

One is specifically for programme directors (foundation and specialty including GP) and the other are some reflections from our Associate Postgraduate Deans.


We hope to continue to build these resources and would welcome feedback and suggestions for induction material to help you undertake your roles.

NES Organisation

NES is a multi-professional organisation and further information about the breadth or the organisation can be found on our corporate website: https://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/about-us/

The Medical Directorate (Scotland Deanery) links with the Health Workforce Directorate of Scottish Government as our sponsor in Scottish Government. This directorate is responsible for agreeing the medical trainee workforce numbers, seeking information from a various stakeholders including the Scotland Deanery.

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