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Trainer information


    It is the trainee’s responsibility to contact their Educational supervisor to arrange meetings throughout the year, ensuring that there is adequate time to complete the final Educational Supervisor report in time for the ARCP evidence submission deadline date.

    Complete the EOPR/ESR indicating the areas where you have concerns.

    You must make your trainee aware of these concerns and they should be documented in the ESR and/or e-portfolio. Please discuss the ESR with your trainee prior to submission. The report and any discussion that takes place following its compilation must be evidence-based, timely, open and honest. If you have not been able to discuss your concerns and the report with your trainee, it is your duty to report this and the reasons to the ARCP panel in advance of the desktop review.

    Where it is likely or possible that a trainee could have an outcome indicating insufficient progress which will require an extension to the indicative time for completion of the training programme, the ES should inform the TPD the earliest opportunity. The Training Programme Director should then notify the Deanery to ensure that a senior Deanery representative can attend the panel.


    All panel members must be trained for their role. Equality and Diversity training must be completed at least every three years and Deanery ARCP training material must be reviewed annually:

    You will be asked to confirm your training is up to date by your Deanery administrator. Failure to provide confirmation of up-to-date training in advance of the ARCP will result in you being unable to participate in the ARCP panel.

    The panel should have input from a lay member and external trainer who should review a random 10% of the outcomes and the evidence supporting these and any recommendations from the panel about concerns over performance.

    In relation to the Scotland Deanery, this will be interpreted as 10% of all ARCPs conducted by the Deanery.


    Consultant/GP educational and clinical supervisors will be required to declare an interest if their own trainees are being considered by a panel of which they are a member. When their trainee is being considered they should withdraw temporarily from the process. The panel should be constituted such that in that situation it remains quorate so please advise your Deanery administrator in advance if you anticipate such a scenario in order that they can seek an additional attendee.

    Yes, dual trainees will receive two separate outcomes and both will be recorded on Turas. Unless specifically confirmed as otherwise, the training time for each component would be recorded as the full training year (i.e. August - July). 

    The GMC has directed that a total absence of 14 days or more in a year (apart from annual and study leave) should trigger a review of trainee’s CCT date at the ARCP.



    You can choose to meet with your trainees at any time in the training year, including at ARCP time, however the ARCP itself is made up of the following components:

    1) Desktop review of all evidence submitted - trainee does not attend.

    2) Meeting with trainees in receipt of developmental outcomes, outcome 10.2 and those at specific way points.

    If you would like to meet with all of your trainees, this can be arranged, but this would not form part of the ARCP, these would be educational review meetings which are separate to the ARCP process.

    The ARCP itself is a panel-led desktop review of evidence submitted (which trainees would not attend). Based on the evidence, the panel will issue an outcomeTrainees will be notified of their outcome following the ARCP via TURAS. Some trainees (developmental outcomes/ outcome 10.2/way points) will then be invited to a meeting with the panel or a team of senior educators to discuss their outcome. This will usually take place within two weeks of the desktop review, although it could take place on the same day as the review. 

    Some TPDs / FPDs may take the opportunity to meet with all trainees on an annual basis, these are educational review meetings and are not part of the ARCP process. Educational review meetings can be documented but no outcomes are issued and no extensions to training can be arranged as a result of these meetings. If you plan to hold a meeting with a trainee 6 months after receipt of a developmental or 10.2 outcome is issued, and you wish to issue an updated outcome, this should be done as ARCP and not an educational review.