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Lack of engagement

You have a responsibility to engage with the elements of your training including attending meetings with trainers, keeping portfolio up to date and engaging with mandatory assessments. 

Make sure you know what is expected of you early in any post. If you can foresee problems in fulfilling these requirements for any reason let your educational supervisor know quickly. If this does not result in a resolution of your concerns, then you can contact your training programme or foundation programme director for advice. 


People go on holiday and study leave, even in the weeks before ARCP is due. Please give plenty of time to arrange meetings that are essential for your progress.  

Do not leave feedback requests and work based assessments until the last few weeks of attachments. At the start of any job try to set weekly goals for what needs to be done. This will allow you to learn from training events and improve and also  prevent a last minute rush when every trainee is competing for attention.

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