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CT1 Course

Psychiatric Emergency Simulation (PES)

The Psychiatric Emergency Simulation (PES) Course has been developed to provide Core Psychiatry Trainees in year 1 (CT1s) with experience of managing psychiatric emergencies.

The PES Course enables CT1s the opportunity to develop the technical and non-technical skills required in managing acute psychiatric presentations, and aims to increase their confidence in doing so.

The course is designed to be highly interactive with the majority of learning acquired through simulated clinical scenarios, round table discussions and post-scenario debriefing.

To reflect the variety of settings that CT1s work in, the course includes clinical scenarios that they may encounter while working in psychiatry wards, general medical wards, Emergency Departments and Community Mental Health Teams.

The course aims to complement the teaching that CT1s receive as part of local MRCPsych courses. All of the scenarios are aligned to Higher Level Outcomes set out in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Core Psychiatry Curriculum (2022). 

Full booking and information can be found on Core Psychiatry Simulation Training Zone on Turas Learn.


CT2 Course 

Medical Emergencies Assessment and Management for Psychiatric Inpatient (MEAMPI)

This training course is currently under development. 


CT3 Course

Mental Health Tribunal Simulation

This training course is currently under development. 

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