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Pregnancy - FAQs

    Informing your supervisor early allows them to support you during this time and enables you to discuss any potential impact on your training / work (see below);  help you to plan your time out of programme and complete your pre-absence form. 

    You may require a pregnancy risk assessment, which can be undertaken once your supervisor / team are aware of your pregnancy. Your HR department of the health board you are working in/ your employer can help provide you with some guidance around this.

    This will be dependent on the nature of your work and risk assessment and the agreed working arrangements made.

    This will be dependent on your training programme.  We recommend you discuss this with your TPD.

    Your HR team can provide you with further information around this, and you are entitled to take time off to attend antenatal appointments / scans.

    Discovering you are pregnant is not always welcome news.  If you have decided that you wish to terminate your pregnancy, you are entitled to take sick leave for the procedure and your recovery period. 

    Sadly, not all pregnancies end well.  If you suffer a pregnancy loss before 24 weeks, you are entitled to take time off as sick leave.  If your baby is stillborn after 24 weeks, you are entitled to the same maternity leave as you would be for a live birth.