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LTFT Frequently Asked Questions

What is my access to holidays?

Annual leave is provided on a pro-rata basis.  e.g., those working 60% LTFT would be entitled to 60% of the annual leave allowance.

What proportion of on call will I have?

Again this should be pro rata and requires a proportion of all out of hours shifts to be covered in line with the percentage of whole time worked.  This may not always be possible due to service/funding requirements.

What do I need to do if I am accepted for LTFT training?

Organise your new rota. Contact your College/Faculty - they should be advised early and they will alter your CCT date. Keep in touch with HR and the Deanery regarding your start dates (return from maternity leave, etc.)

Will it alter my CCT?

Yes. Training will be the same number of days.  E.g. each month worked at 60% will only count as 0.6 of a month worked.  10 months will then be equivalent to 6 months full time.

Can I increase my sessions?

This will depend on available funding.  It may be that the extra funding will not be immediately available.  This varies with Deanery and clarification can be sought from the Associate Dean on taking up LTFT training.

What does slot share mean?

Slot sharing involves the division of one or more full time salaries between 2 or more LTFT trainees.  These trainees do not necessarily have to be at the same stage of training or co-location within the Deanery.  This is used to allow ease of rotation to different rotas and to maximise the use of educational opportunities.

Do I still have the same grace period post CCT (old SpRs)?

Yes, it remains at six months.  This remains at the discretion of the Postgraduate Dean.

What happens if the TPD/Service say no?

There is a right of appeal - see Appeals process (doc).

How do I find out my pay banding?

Pay for LTFT trainees is very hours sensitive and due to the different contract arrangements may well change in each part of a rotation.  there is guidance information on pay bands (doc).  It is vital that you organise your new rota arrangements well in advance of commencing LTFT training.  The rota master should be consulted and the new work pattern must be monitored.

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