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Thinking about medicine?

Are you considering studying medicine and want to know more?

Below we've listed some useful websites and pages that can help provide more information. The recommendations came from Megan Sutherland, who did work experience in NES and who wants to do medicine.

About applying to medicine 

  • NHS Health Careers has a good section on studying medicine. It has extensive information on studying medicine from choosing a medical school, sitting UKCAT, and how the teaching is delivered to help choose the right university. It is easy to navigate and find the information you need. There is also a section on medicine as a career, with info on training and options for specialties.
  • The NHS Scotland Health Careers site also has useful info and when you are thinking about the fifth choice or plan B option on your UCAS form, has information on other roles in an accessible easy to follow format.
  • The British Medical Association (BMA) guide has information for people thinking of applying to medical school. There are also links to medical schools and advice on how to apply.

Scottish Medical Schools:


Deciding on a specialty

The medical Royal Colleges all have sections on their websites for careers and information about the specialties they cover. You can google the specialty you are interested in but many of the most informative ones are listed here:


Case studies

It is useful to read through from the perspective of someone already in the work environment, so it helps to give an insight into what the roles can offer and if it would suit you.


After university

Useful information on the Foundation training stage after university and going on to train as a GP or a consultant. It is easy to understand these sections to get an idea of what happens in the early years of a medical career. It also shows where foundation training can be done and what choice of locations there are.




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