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Training for Dental Trainers

In Scotland we are moving towards a training scheme that is based on the professional development of educators based on individual needs. Where possible, we avoid specifying compulsory training. We consider that the focus should be around educators taking professional responsibility for identifying their own learning needs and requirements, and agreeing these with their Training Programme Director (TPD) as part of their annual appraisal and personal development plan. This approach is consistent with COPDEND’s Standards and Guidelines for Educators, as well as the GDC’s Standards for the Dental Team.


  1. All educators, assessors and recruitment panel member must complete Equality and Diversity training, to be refreshed every three years. (Equality and Diversity training is delivered and monitored by your employer).
  2. All members of an ARCP panel, including the lay representative and external advisor, must be trained for their role. Online training can be accessed via the following link. A period of shadowing may also be approved by us as an acceptable alternative.

There are also some general requirements that apply to all educators.


Educational Governance Requirements

Trainers must:

  1. Have full GDC/GMC registration (where applicable) and be on the relevant specialist list;
  2. Be in good standing with the regulator;
  3. Comply with all aspects of the GDC's Standards for the Dental Team;
  4. Comply with all legal, ethical and professional obligations including any completion of any mandatory training requirements;
  5. Have appropriate time allocated for their education role. 

Non-mandatory learning

It is expected that all educational supervisors continue to demonstrate a pro-active interest in education and training and seek out relevant courses and events about learning, appraisal, feedback, or the learning environment. 

NES offers a plethora of courses to dental educators. There is a dedicated programme for Dental Educators called Training for Dental Educators. Details are available on NES Portal.

In addition, there are generic education programmes available on the Faculty Development Alliance.


It is expected in future that all e-learning will be incorporated into TurasLearn enabling trainers to access all courses using one log-in.


TPDs are responsible for ensuring the suitability of Educational Supervisors and providing support to both Educational and Clinical Supervisors.


If you have any queries, please contact the Associate Postgraduate Dean for advice.

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