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Previous and current SPCLF's

2018 (Complete)

  • Shady Botros – Hospital Pharmacy service transformation
  • Laura Fraser – Community Pharmacy as first port of call
  • Pamela Mills – Integration of Pharmacy Services
  • Nicky Nardone – Pharmacy Technician Workforce and Career Pathway
  • Elaine Paton – Pharmacotherapy

2019 (Complete)

  • Melanie Bryan – Scottish Pharmacy Technician Role Analysis to provide baseline data for Career Pathway
  • Ruaridh Buchan – Improving access for patients in NHS Scotland to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products.
  • Pamela Macintyre – A snapshot of Pharmacotherapy Level Two & Three Services being delivered by Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in Primary Care
  • Siobhan MacGuinness – Utilising Medicines: Care and Review (M:CR) to enhance pharmacotherapy services delivered to patients
  • Ruth Waters - Hospital electronic prescription and medicines administration system (HePMA); releasing capacity and changing culture. A national perspective on its impact across NHS Scotland. Exploratory Phase.
  • Anne Wilson – Improving Pharmaceutical Care in Care Homes

2020 (Complete)

  • Alison Crooks and Lynsay Lawless - Contribute to the shared learning work and explore one specific dimension of the impact of HEPMA i.e.  ascertain if and how HEPMA can be used to increase capacity, release time to care and support culture change within pharmacy and other healthcare professions
  • Katherine Davidson and Jennifer Laskey– The role of pharmacy in pharmacogenomics

2021 (Complete)

  • Jennifer Crawford - HEPMA (additionally person-centred care)
  • Linda Henderson – Advanced Practice for Pharmacy Technicians
  • Vikki Laing - Substance misuse and a reduction in drug deaths
  • Michael Mitchell - Primary Care Prescribing Pathway (NSS Funded)
  • Jill Swan – Developing Pharmacy Role in Pharmacogenomics

2022 (Complete)

  • Wendy Carswell - Workforce transformation - Advanced practice pharmacy role in Neurology pathways
  • Lorna Hammond - Workforce transformation - Advanced practice pharmacy role in mental health pathways
  • Douglas Lynn - Digital Primary Care Prescribing Pathway
  • Niamh Morrison - Reduction in Drugs related deaths

2023 (Ongoing)

  • Jill Winchester - Newly qualified prescribers support
  • Sarah Coulter - Advanced practice (Pharmacists)
  • Kirsty O'Hara - Advanced practice (Pharmacy Technicians)
  • Gillian Barmack - Digital Prescribing and Dispensing Programme (Person engagement)
  • Cara MacKenzie - Clinical Supervision

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