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The Scottish Pharmacy Clinical Leadership Fellowship scheme (SPCLF) which was launched in 2018 aimed to support future pharmacy leaders and take forward strategic objectives to improve the pharmaceutical care of patients in Scotland. The wider NES Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows programme launched in 2013 has included pharmacists and pharmacy technicians since 2018.  The multi-professional dynamic this has generated in addition to our dental colleagues builds relationships and systems leadership skills vital to the NHS recovery. Each year there have been between 4 - 6 pharmacy fellows. The SPCLF is 12 months long with a 0.6 w.t.e. commitment and commences in August each year. Each fellow is allocated a Director of Pharmacy mentor, project mentor and a coach.

The fellowship has three areas:

  • Support delivery of Scottish Pharmacy Strategy
  • Develop leadership potential at a strategic level particularly working with and for Scottish Government
  • Link with other fellowships to take forward key strategic areas of work across systems

The pharmacy fellows are seamlessly integrated with their dental and medical colleagues into the leadership and management development programme run by NES.  Over the last 5 years the pharmacy fellowship has gained strong support and credibility, the recruitment process is competitive and seen as a proven opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills at a national strategic level.

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