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About the fellowship

The Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellowship (SCLF) is an opportunity for Doctors and Dentists in training to develop the skills required to lead change in NHS Scotland. The programme is now in its 10th year, and continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from fellows.


These one-year posts are an integral aspect of NHS Scotland’s approach to developing Professionalism and Excellence in the medical and dental professions. Fellows work closely with leading figures in the host organisations and find themselves immersed in the practicalities of running an organisation at a national level. The programme aims to provide NHS Scotland with a cadre of doctors and dentists who are committed to living and working in Scotland and who have enhanced capability to offer leadership in their work place and potentially at national and international levels.


Throughout the year, fellows have the opportunity to learn by working in new areas of NHS Scotland and its affiliated institutions, with exposure to current and past leaders in healthcare. Each fellow is placed with a host organisation (or co-hosted between NES or Scottish Government and one of the partner organisations) and guided by a mentor in this organisation. In addition to work with their host organisation, SCLFs are enrolled in a Leadership Management and Development Programme, offered 1:1 professional coaching, given formal career planning sessions, and have the opportunity to attend national level meetings and leadership events.



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