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Supervisory Management in General Practice Programme

Following the redesign of the Supervisory Management in General Practice (SMGP) Programme to be delivered virtually, the SMGP programme will be recommencing.


All Cohorts for 2022 have now filled.

We will  be looking at future dates for further Cohorts and you could register your interest for this through the link below.

Note of Interest - SMGP Programme

What is Supervisory Management in General Practice Programme?   

SMGP is a virtual learning programme. The aim of SMGP is to support individuals to develop the personal and professional skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform effectively as workplace managers and leaders. 


Who is Supervisory Management in General Practice Programme for?  

The programme is aimed at first line managers and supervisors working in Scottish General Practice.   There are no formal entry requirements, but it is expected that participants will hold a supervisory or first line management role in general practice and have the support of their practice. The Programme will particularly support new team leaders and practising team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management. 


Programme Outline  

The programme is divided into three core modules:

  • Managing Self
  • Managing the Team
  • Managing the Organisation

 Following the programme participants will be able to: 

  • Identify own learning style and describe how this knowledge can support personal development
  • Identify factors affecting personal resilience and methods for improving resilience.
  • Describe time management strategies 
  • Explain the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in leadership 
  • Describe the purpose of planning own personal development and identify the key stages involved in personal development planning 
  • Identify own personal development needs and create a personal development plan
  • Understand reflection and describe how it can be used as a learning tool
  • Describe the key differences between management and leadership
  • Understand team dynamics and the characteristics of high-performance teams  
  • Explain the strategies that help build and maintain an effective team
  • Understand the importance of objective setting, in the context of attaining, sustaining and improving individual and team performance
  • Identify factors that facilitate or inhibit delegation
  • Define motivation and identify common motivators and demotivators in the workplace
  • Describe the causes and effects of conflict in the workplace and apply strategies to minimise and resolve conflict
  • Describe how organisations typically change and how managers can support staff through change
  • Understand their role in ensuring team health and wellbeing
  • Describe the context in which they work 
  • Understand how we work together and how a line manager contributes to improving health and improving health care
  • Support equality and diversity through an understanding of your legal duty and awareness of unconscious bias
  • Explain organisational culture and how it impacts on how teams think, act and interact with each other.


How is Supervisory Management in General Practice Programme delivered?   

This is a programme of 10 sessions delivered entirely in a virtual learning environment. In addition to the virtual learning events, you will be directed to other activities and development opportunities throughout the programme.  Each virtual session will last for 180 minutes and participants will be required to spend a further 60 minutes each week on their course work and assessment.  


To successfully complete the Supervisory Management in General Practice Programme, it is expected that you will: 

  • Attend and actively participate in all virtual workshops
  • Be prepared to undertake group work
  • Complete a written assessment


For more information on the SMGP programme, please contact a member of the Practice Management Team at practicemanager@nes.scot.nhs.uk

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