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Educational Supervisors

It is the Programme Directors responsibility to ensure every trainee has a named Educational Supervisor who provides feedback on performance and assists on their career progression. They regularly meet with their trainees to discuss their educational needs as well as raise any concerns they may have.

The Educational Supervisors are required to provide a report at the end of trainee placements which the Programme Director should review prior to the ARCP. It is important that high quality reports are provided and that feedback is given to the Educational Supervisor if the reports are not adequate.

Further details are available on the GMC website


Assigning an Educational Supervisor to a Trainee

Please be aware that before asking your Training Programme Administrator at NES to assign an Educational Supervisor to a trainee, you must check with the trainer that they have completed the Recognition of Trainers process.  If they are unsure about this, please ask them to contact the relevant Director of Medical Education office for assistance.

If they have not already completed the process, they should familiarise themselves with the guidance about Recognition at [link temporarily removed] or seek guidance from their Director of Medical Education office. A trainer cannot be assigned to a trainee until their Recognition status has been confirmed and the recommendation for Recognition is the responsibility of the DME. This recommendation will be based upon self-declaration against mandatory requirements, confirmation of time in job plan and evidence that the trainer meets (or has a plan to meet) the requirements set out in the Scottish Trainers Framework

If a doctor is nominally assigned to a trainee and does not appear to be recognised and listed on Turas as a named trainer we will refer this back to you as TPD.


Please contact your local DME office if you have any further queries.