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Trainer information

Recruitment - Local and National

Recruitment information for Specialty Training, Foundation Programmes and General Practice can be viewed on the ScotMT website. It is important that Programme Directors review this information to ensure it is accurate.

Generic Recruitment Calendar with PD roles

PD has responsibility for agreeing the number and grade of posts for national recruitment and regional LAT appointments.  PDs can access vacancy manager to view posts and incoming doctors etc.

Code of Practice for provision of information to trainees (in relation to posts they are applying for).


The NES policy is that LATs can be appointed to cover gaps in programmes, usually arising from maternity leave, OOP, resignations and non-standard CCT dates.  LATS cannot be appointed to backfill gaps in GP programmes; or core LATs to backfill gaps in specialty programmes. 

NES LAT Policy


Please check the links below for up to date information from gov.uk on Tier 2 and Tier 4 visas:

Tier 2 Visas (specialty trainees)

Tier 4 Visas (foundation trainees)


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