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If you are an Educational Supervisor:


1.   ARCP dates are located here https://www.scotlanddeanery.nhs.scot/trainee-information/annual-review-of-competence-progression-arcp/arcp-dates-2022/  Please take a note of these dates and ensure that you have completed your requirements in time for the submission deadline: Educational Supervisor report (all trainees) and SOAR sign-off (CT and ST only).  The submission deadline will be 2 weeks prior to the ARCP date and trainees will also be advised of the ARCP and submission dates.  You may find it helpful to refer to the guidance for Educational Supervisors.     Please also encourage your trainees to submit their required evidence by the stated deadline.

2. In the process of compiling an Educational Supervisor Report (ESR), you may find you have concerns about a trainee's performance.  These concerns must be documented in the report and the trainee must be made aware of them.  Please discuss your concerns and the ESR with your trainee prior to its submission.  The report and any discussion that takes place following its compilation must be evidence-based, timely, open and honest.  If you are not able to discuss your concerns/report with your trainee in advance of the ARCP, it is your responsibility to notify the ARCP panel accordingly.

3. Trainees and educational supervisors are required to submit all required evidence for ARCP at least 2 weeks before the date of the ARCP.  The deanery expects a level of professionalism in this respect and requires trainees and educational supervisors to work towards and meet their submission date.  Failure to do so will result in the issue of an outcome 5.

4. When deanery teams are planning ARCPs, you may be invited to join a panel for the desktop review.  If you are going to be a panel member:

5. At the desktop review, you will be required to declare a conflict of interest if one of your own trainees is being considered by the panel.  You will be asked to temporarily withdraw from the process whilst the trainee is considered.

6. If you have any queries about your responsibilities in relation to ARCP, please contact your Training Programme Administrator.


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