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Deanery guidance on OOP research

Time out for a research project leading to an MSc Research, MD or PhD will normally be supported but may be prioritised according to what is being asked for. For example, if OOPR is being requested for a three-year PhD with peer reviewed external funding from a major charity (e.g. Wellcome, MRC, CRUK, etc) then it will be given a high priority, providing all requirements are otherwise met.  "Soft money" projects or speculative projects may not be accorded the same priority.  MDs will normally be granted 2 years OOP, but a clear outline of the project and its academic oversight will be required. MSc Research will normally only be granted for 1 year OOP.

Ordinarily, other research projects will come further down in terms of allowing time out, though if enrolled on a PhD or MD by the university, should produce evidence that this is the case.

Plans must be discussed with your TPD and if supported an application should be made to the Postgraduate Dean with your outline research proposal, the name/location of your research supervisor and funding source. Please note that if you want ANY of the OOPR time to count towards CCT you must follow the OOPT process for prior approval of the period.  Once you have moved into OOPR, an annual report from your research supervisor is required for ARCP.

The Universities need those pursuing an MD to register before starting to ensure compliance with university regulations (2 years of full time study after registration) as retrospective registration is not possible.

Time out is not normally allowed for taught courses, such as MSc degrees, which are largely now distance based or blended learning. 

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