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AMP Update Training – Multi-Specialty


 Course aim

The aim of the workshop is to consider how the Mental Health Act and other related legislation, should be applied in support of the care and treatment of people living in Scotland, with mental disorder.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will…

  • Be reminded of the breadth of applicable legislation
  • Through cases/discussion, consider appropriate application of the legislation 
  • Consider the challenges of ensuring that detention or deprivation of liberty is lawful


Pre-course work

One of the key learning opportunities in this course will be from the discussion of challenging cases.  As part of your joining instructions, you will receive a template that we will ask you to complete and bring with you on the day where you will detail a complex case that you have recently been involved in.  It is essential that you bring this on the day.


Target audience

This course is aimed at existing AMPs who are required to complete Update Training every five years.

The Multi-Specialty course may be attended by an AMP from any specialty.

We would however encourage any AMPs who specialise in CAMHS or Forensics to attend Update training specific to that specialty.

This training requires to be completed in good time to maintain your AMP status.  Due to limited availability, we strongly recommend that existing AMPs complete their training well in advance of the anniversary of their AMP status.



There is a charge of £250 for the AMP Update training - Multi-Specialty course.  This must be paid on booking by credit or debit card only.

Cancellations and refunds: Please note that full automated refunds can be generated by the Portal for cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to the course.  Within 4 weeks of the course dates, refunds may be given in exceptional circumstances only.  NES reserves the right to remove anyone from a course, without the offer of a refund, if they are unable to fully participate.  To be eligible for a certificate, full attendance is required.  We request that delegates should not be on call during the course.  Failure to fully participate on the course may result in you being removed from the course.


Course dates

AMP Update Training – Multi-Specialty courses will take place on the following dates (please note these are face-to-face courses): 



 Venue   Info        

 Wednesday 14th December, 2022

 09:15 - 16:30   Apex Hotel, Dundee  only 2 SPACES left

 Tuesday 17th January, 2022

 09:15 - 16:30  Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling  SPACES


Register and book

Booking a place on this course can be done via the NES Portal. You may need to create an account. 

When in the Portal, search for AMP Update Training via your portal account, select the course and pay to confirm your place.  Payment of the course must be made at the time of booking to confirm your place.  Please ensure your NES Portal account has been updated and includes your current email address.  

Please note that some smartphone browsers may have issues with viewing the booking platform.

Please note: We are unable to transfer bookings from one course to another.  If you require to cancel your place on a course, and it is more than four weeks from the date of the course, then a refund will be provided and you may book again on your preferred date.


Register with your local health board

To be able to continue working as an AMP, you must ensure that you remain on a Health Board list.  It is your duty to ensure that your certificate of completion is passed to the relevant Health Board list administrator and you can find contact details here.

AMP status is transferable across Health Boards.  If an AMP is listed on a Board list, then they are able to work in any Board area.  They are not required to be on multiple Board lists.



Please contact us at AMPTraining@nes.scot.nhs.uk.    


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