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AMP update training

 For existing Approved Medical Practitioners, it is mandatory to complete update training by 31st December 2019, and thereafter every five years.  However, a transitional period until 31st December 2020 has been allowed for those who have been unable to timeously complete update training for the first time.  The policy intention therefore does not change and the Direction and its requirement for updated training came into force on 31st December 2019.

Continuing AMPs must ensure they complete the appropriate update training prior to the five-year anniversary of their initial training or previous update training, otherwise their AMP status will lapse.  Failure to complete update training in time will have significant legal implications. Where the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2003 requires a duty to be fulfilled by an AMP, if you do not hold AMP status at the relevant time (for example when a statutory medical examination was carried out) an application to the Tribunal which relied on that examination may fall to be dismissed as being misconceived, or the continuing detention of a patient challenged as being unlawful. If you believe that your status as an AMP has lapsed, please seek advice from Central Legal Office in relation to any statutory work you have undertaken.


As of December 2022, AMP Update training will return to face-to-face training at various locations across Scotland and the requirements for AMP Update training will be changing.


From December 2022, existing AMPs will be required to complete one of the following courses every five years:

AMP Update Training – Multi-Specialty

AMP Update Training – CAMHS

AMP Update Training – Forensic


This removes the requirement for AMPs in CAMHS and Forensic to complete an additional course as part of their Update training.  If you specialise in CAMHS or Forensic psychiatry, then you need only complete the appropriate course listed above to complete your mandatory Update training.  AMPs in any other specialty need only complete the Multi-Specialty course to complete their mandatory Update training.


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