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Monthly teaching days (MTD)

Themed monthly teaching days are run by the East (S Yalamarthi) and West programmes (S Gibson). Training follows a blended model of both Teams virtual classrooms and face-to-face/simulation components. 

Trainees are expected to attend at least 7 sessions each year (morning and afternoon count as separate sessions) and can attend both East and West sessions. It is recommended that topics are spread across the 2 years but trainees should not attend a specific simulation event more than once.

There will be various blends of

  • pre-course materials posted on our Teams channel 
  • Teams virtual classrooms
  • F2F/simulation components

Attendance at face to face and live Teams sessions is recorded by the Simulation Team. If trainees review any pre-recorded sessions they will keep a log and present this at the ARCP meeting.


The programme is updated regularly when information becomes available to the NES Simulation Team. The most up to date information can be found on Turas through the CST Simulation Training Zone.


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