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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Paper: Developing a national dental education research strategy | SMERC

A new paper "Developing a national dental education research strategy: priorities, barriers and enablers" was published in the BMJ Open examining the national dental education research (DER) priorities for the next 3–5 years and identifying barriers and enablers to DER. A two-stage online questionnaire study was used in which data was collected with multiple dental professions (eg, dentistry, dental nursing and dental hygiene) and stakeholder groups (eg, learners, clinicians, educators, managers, researchers and academics). 

Eight themes were identified at Stage 1. Of the 24 DER priorities identified, the top three were: role of assessments in identifying competence; undergraduate curriculum prepares for practice and promoting teamwork. Following exploratory factor analysis, the 24 items loaded onto four factors: teamwork and professionalism, measuring and enhancing performance, dental workforce issues and curriculum integration and innovation. Barriers and enablers existed at multiple levels: individual, interpersonal, institutional structures and cultures and technology. 

The paper can be found here

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