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Scottish Practice Management Development Network

In May 2010 Networking & Learning re-launched as The Scottish Practice Management Development Network (SPMDN).

SPMDN's Mission

To advance the role of General Medical Practice Management through the development of high quality, easily accessible and locally relevant networks providing information, support, education and representation for practice managers.


  • To develop, promote and support General Medical Practice Management across Scotland.

Menu for Practice Management Development

The Menu for Practice Management Development was initially developed to support the Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) for General Practice Management; by providing a list of the topics a Practice Manager (PM) needs to know, together with links to the relevant documentation and contractual information.

It is a living document, updated annually to meet the changing demands of General Practice and Government Strategy, and will be a valuable developmental tool to both new and experienced PMs.  The menu has been updated and can be found in the resources page : click here

The Menu has many potential uses e.g.:

  • helping GPs in recruiting a PM
  • role clarification with members of the Practice team
  • a guidance document for the 'managing GP partner'
  • providing evidence when managing poor performance
  • an electronic reference book
  • Practice Manager Appraisal
  • a key indicator in implementing the Primary Care Quality Strategy.

Developing Policies, Protocols and Procedures Toolkit

Developing Policies, Protocols and Procedures Toolkit was initially developed by one of our Practice Manager Trainers, to advise Trainees of the difference between effective Policies, Procedures and Protocols and the importance of considering the Practice culture when developing them.  The toolkit contains several change management tools with advice on how best to use them.


Each year we deliver a Practice Managers Conference. Next year's conference will be held on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May in Edinburgh.

National Co-ordinator

The National Co-ordinator is Tracey Crickett.

There are three parts to her role

1) Co-ordinator of the Practice Management Development Network supported by sixteen Local Co-ordinators with direct contact with the Practices Managers in their local Health Board area.

2) Programme Lead of the Practice Manager Vocational Training Scheme, responsible for ensuring the training programme is strategically planned, developed and delivered - more of this on the General Practice Manager Vocational Training Scheme page.

3) Represents Practice Management on a range of National Committees and working groups, cascading information back to Practices via the Local Co-ordinators.


Tracey Crickett
National Co-ordinator for Scottish Practice Management Development Network
3rd Floor, 2 Central Quay
89 Hydepark Street
Glasgow G3 8BW
0141 223 1555

Local Co-ordinators

Local Co-ordinators (LCs) provide ad hoc advice and support to their local Practice Manager colleagues, offering learning opportunities to support their Continuous Professional Development.  They support their peers offering coaching and mentoring to new and experienced Practice Managers.  LCs are funded by NES for up to four sessions per month.

Local Co-ordinators provide support to their local PM colleagues and share information via email. 

Road shows are provided across Scotland on a rolling basis.  Please let your LC know what topics would be of interest to you.

LCs enjoy the opportunities their extended roles bring, recognising the privilege of representing their local PMs.  LCs meet their colleagues and the National Coordinator at away days twice per annum.   Should a vacancy arise in your area you may like to consider applying?

Guidelines for the appointment of Local Co-ordinators

Local Co-ordinators must be current Practice Managers with a minimum of three years General Practice Management experience.  They must have an understanding of the bigger picture of the role of General Practice within the wider NHS.

Candidates must be nominated by, or their appointment approved by, their local PM colleagues to ensure that their role will be recognised and supported by their peers.  They should already have a raised profile in their Health Board area with a wide network of Practice Manager and Health Board (HB) colleagues.

LCs should have a track record of working in partnership with their colleagues, e.g. representing local Practice Managers on local fora, or similar.  They must be prepared to represent Practice Managers on a local, regional and national basis if asked to do so and to communicate regularly with the Practice Managers in their HB area, keeping them up to date with local and national developments.  They must have the ability to balance professionalism with an outgoing, sociable personality and act as an 'ambassador' for Practice Management, desiring to promote the Scottish Practice Management Development Network and Practice Management.

Personal attributes/ skills:

Excellent communicator and good listener, well organised, intelligent, confident, diplomatic, objective, considerate, self motivated, committed to their own and the personal development of others, with a desire to share their knowledge in order to help others learn and develop their skills.  It is desirable but not essential that they have good presentation skills, together with some knowledge of organising training /learning events.

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