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In response to the changing (GMC) requirements for the training of trainers: NES, in 2014, merged the SCOTS Management Group and the National Trainer Development Group (NTDG) into the Faculty Development Alliance (FDA).  The FDA has responsibility for the development and delivery of training for trainers in both primary and secondary care.



  • Daniel Bennett – Associate Postgraduate Dean
  • Claire Alexander - Associate Postgraduate Dean
  • Debbie Miller - GP Assistant Director
  • Fiona Anderson – Training and Education Development Manager
  • Suzanne Nabavian – Manager
  • Fraser Reid – Training Officer
  • Steven Young – Senior Officer
  • Lila Wighton - Admin Officer
  • John Taylor – Admin Officer
  • Erika Glenday – Admin Assistant



Please contact us at fda.admin@nes.scot.nhs.uk



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