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AMP Initial Training – Part 1 and 2


Aims and objectives

This training course is designed to equip prospective Approved Medical Practitioners with the knowledge and understanding they need to perform their statutory duties under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 and related legislation and who wish to be appointed AMPs under Section 22 of the Act.


Learning outcomes

AMP Initial Training consists of an online module and an online course.

To complete your training under the Mental Health Act 2003 both parts noted below must be completed:


Part 1 – Online module

The first step is to register on TURAS Learn.  You can then access the AMP Part One online training module via TURAS Learn.  

The module will take you through materials and then ask you to complete the assessment. To pass, you must achieve 100% on the assessment but can have as many attempts as needed.  The expected time to complete the module is 3 hours.

Once you have successfully completed Part One, you can download your certificate from TURAS Learn.

Please note: The Part 1 module must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the date of attending the Part 2 online training.  Failure to complete the module by this deadline may lead to your booking being cancelled and no refunds will be given. 

The certificate for completing the Part 1 module is valid for 3 months.  If you are unable to book a place on a Part 2 course within 3 months, then you will be required to complete the module again.


Part 2 – Online Course

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, NES has developed an online course to replace the face-to-face course. The course is delivered over three morning sessions, on consecutive days, and all three sessions must be fully participated in to complete the course.

The course runs across three sessions:


Session 1 – The Mental Health Act 2003

Learning outcomes:

  • Appropriately apply the principles underlying the 2003 Act
  • State which compulsory powers are applicable in a particular situation, and justify their use
  • Explain how the safeguards incorporated within the Act protect patients’ rights
  • Explain the statutory responsibilities of the AMP and the MHO
  • Explain the role of the multidisciplinary team in the effective implementation of the 2003 Act
  • Describe how you would plan and manage treatment in the community, in line with the appropriate provisions of the 2003 Act


Session 2 – Completing forms and the Mental Health Tribunal

Learning outcomes:

  • Complete the CTO2 effectively
  • Explain the function of the Mental Health Tribunal, and the implications for the AMP role


Session 3 – Forensic patients and review

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise ways in which forensic patients should be managed differently from non-forensic patients.


Target audience and eligibility

This training is for new AMPs only.

Eligibility criteria for S22 Approval and how to become Section 22 Certified.

To be eligible for S22 approval you must be a registered medical practitioner who is either:

  • A member or fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, or
  • Have a minimum of 4 years’ whole-time equivalent experience of working in psychiatric services as a medical practitioner.


For all new Approved Medical Practitioners, Initial training is carried out in two parts:

  • An online Part 1 module - via TURAS Learn
  • A new online, three-session training course - via Adobe Connect



There is a charge of £175 for the Part 2 online course.

Cancellations and refunds: Please note that full automated refund can be generated from the Portal for cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to the course.  Within 4 weeks of the course date, refunds may be given in exceptional circumstances only.  NES reserves the right to remove anyone from a course, without the offer of a refund, if they are unable to fully participate. 


Course dates


Date    Time  Venue   Info

 Session 1. Tues 6th Dec, 2022

 Session 2. Wed 7th Dec, 2022

 Session 3. Thurs 8th Dec, 2022

 Session 1 - 9.45 - 12.00

 Session 2 - 9.45 - 12.00

 Session 3 - 9.45 - 12.00

 Online - Adobe connect  Fully Booked 

 Session 1. Tues 24th Jan, 2023

 Session 2. Wed 25th Jan, 2023

 Session 3. Thurs 26th Jan, 2023

Session 1 - 9.45 - 12.00

Session 2 - 9.45 - 12.00 

Session 3 - 9.45 - 12.00

 Online - Adobe Connect  Fully Booked

 Session 1. Mon 20th Feb, 2023

 Session 2. Tues 21st Feb, 2023

 Session 3. Wed 22nd Feb, 2023

Session 1 - 9.45 - 12.00

Session 2 - 9.45 - 12.00 

Session 3 - 9.45 - 12.00

 Online - Adobe Connect  SPACES



Register and book

Booking a place on a Part 2 training course can be done via the NES Portal. You may need to create an account.  Then search for AMP Initial training via your portal account, select the course and pay to confirm your place.  Please note that some smartphone browsers may have issues with viewing the booking platform

When booking, you are committing to participating in & attending all three course days indicated on the booking.  Failure to do so will result in you not completing the course and you will have to rebook onto another cohort date and complete these 3 sessions, to gain your certificate.  No refunds will be given if, after booking, you are unable to attend any of the sessions.  Your place will not be transferred onto another cohort.

Please ensure the NES Portal has your most up to date details and contact email address.  

Please note: We request that anyone attending these online courses not be on call to ensure they can participate fully.

If you have not completed the Part 1 online module at least two weeks prior to the Part 2 course then you will be removed from the course and will lose your place.


Technical guidance

This course is run via Adobe Connect.   By booking onto this course, you are committing to download the Adobe Connect app (instructions will be given upon booking) and using Adobe Connect as instructed.  You will be expected to have your webcam visible during the course.  It is the delegate's responsibility to ensure they can access the workshop appropriately and have sufficient connection speed to participate. All delegates require a laptop or desktop computer, with functioning webcam & microphone to participate in the course.  Please DO NOT use mobiles phones, iPads/tablets as this may significantly restrict your ability to fully participate. In doing so, you risk being removed from the workshop by facilitators. NES reserves the right to remove anyone from a course, without the offer of a refund, if they are unable to fully participate.

Delegates should take part in a short audio-visual test with a course facilitator, in advance of the workshop.  Test dates and times will be made available by email.

Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates


Register with your local health board

Completion of training does not mean you are automatically approved under the Act.  You still need to be placed on a Health Board AMP list.  Your local AMP list administrator will need to have sight of your certificate so they can maintain your place on the list.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are on an AMP list. 

AMP status is transferable across Health Boards.  If an AMP is listed on a Board list then they are able to work in any Board area.  They are not required to be on multiple Board lists.

You can find details on the AMP list administrators for each Health Board here.



Please contact us at AMPTraining@nes.scot.nhs.uk.    


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