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NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has assumed responsibility for all Approved Medical Practitioner (AMP) training with effect from 12 September 2017.  Since then NES has developed course materials to enable the training needs for prospective AMPs to be met.  NES also established a new faculty group to deliver this course and ensure materials are kept updated and fit for purpose.


Initial training

For all new AMP's, Initial training is carried out in two parts:

  • An online Part 1 module - via TURAS Learn
  • A new online, three-session training course - via Adobe Connect

For more information, and information on how to book, please click on this link.


Update training

For existing AMP's, it is mandatory to complete Update training by 31st December 2019, and thereafter every five years.  However a transitional period until 31st December 2020 has been allowed for those who have been unable to timeously complete update training for the first time.  The policy intention therefore does not change and the Direction and its requirement for updated training will come into force on 31st December 2019.

This requires existing AMP's to complete the following modules:

  • All AMP's to complete Core and Capacity training
  • Forensic psychiatrists to complete an additional Forensic training module
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists to complete an additional CAMHS training module

For more information, and information on how to book, please click on this link.


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