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Roles requiring recognition

In August 2012, The GMC introduced plans for recognition and approval of trainers performing four ‘named’ roles. Namely:


  • Lead Co-ordinators of Undergraduate training at each local education provider

   e.g Module / Block Leads

         NHS teaching leads / Sub Deans

  • Those responsible for overseeing students' progress for each medical programme

   e.g. Teaching Deans

          Year Leads / Directors


  • named Clinical Supervisors
  • named Educational Supervisors

As Education Organisers (EOs), the five Scottish medical schools and the NES-managed Scotland Deanery are required to maintain up-to-date lists of all trainers performing these roles and to ensure that these trainers meet the GMC’s ‘Standards for Trainers’ as set out in Promoting excellence. All secondary-care trainers in Scotland will be assessed against the same criteria, making the process simpler for those who hold more than one role. 

In July 2016, EOs in Scotland provided the GMC with a list of all recognised trainers.  NES manages the process of recognition on behalf of the Medical Schools and maintains the list of Scottish "named" trainers on its Training Management System (TURAS).

If you have any questions about whether you are performing a named trainer role or about your individual circumstances, you should contact your local Education Organiser or Director of Medical Education (DME).



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